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Academic Advising Worksheets

To access academic advising worksheets click here. Advising worksheets are organized by catalog year. Users can gain access of these documents from both on and off campus.  

For a key listing course offering timeframes used on advising sheets click here.  These codes are listed after each course on major and minor advising sheets.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Nicole Baker, Assistant Dean for Academic Records, via email or by calling (269) 749-7390.

Michigan Transfer Equivalencies

The University Of Olivet utilizes the Michigan Transfer Network to record transfer course equivalencies for Michigan Colleges and Universities.  Click Michigan Transfer Network view recorded course equivalencies.

The substitution of any additional courses you have taken at other institutions for particular courses at the university can only be approved by the Department Chair of the department in which the course is offered. No guarantee exists that a particular course taken at another institution will be permitted to substitute for a particular course at The University of Olivet.   Students who wish to have a particular course or courses considered for substitution, must complete a Course Substitution Form.  Submit the form along with the course description or syllabus of the course you wish to be considered to the department chair of the appropriate department for assessment. The name of the chair for each department can be found on the The University of Olivet website,

If you have further questions about transfer coursework, please contact Nicole Baker, Assistant Dean for Academic Records.

NEW 2022!  Student Form 1098T - Reporting Year 2022

Student seeking Form 1098T for the 2022 tax year may obtain their 1098T by going directly to ** If it is your first time accessing the site, please follow the enrollment instructions to create your login. Students may opt-in BEFORE January 31st to receive electronic delivery; otherwise, a copy will be mailed on January 31st. 1098T form will be available to those eligible students only.


Click Here - To go to directly


Click here - For enrollment (first time)


Click here - For Returning Student -


Click here - Instructions 



If you experience consistent errors or cannot complete the opt-in process, you should:

  • Close the browser and clear the Cache on their device. Restarting the device is preferred.

  • Start the OPT-IN Process again, starting at the “TO STUDENT ENROLLMENT PAGE” Link, and use a different Username than the first Username.

IRS Form 1098-T is an important tax document that assists the student/family in determining if they qualify for certain education-related tax credits.


**1098Tforms is provided by Herring Bank and powered by Financial Payments. Herring Bank is a community bank headquartered in Amarillo, Texas. The bank provides a full range of commercial and consumer banking products, as well as investment and trust services. University of Olivet utilizes services from Herring Bank for financial processing and 1098T distribution.

Payments and Payment Plans

Make easy, secure payments online using e-check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.


  • Select "Student Account and Financial Aid" from the "Student" tab
  • Select "Pay Now" from the "My Account Information" box
  • Follow the on screen directions to pay balance and enter payment information 


MyOlivet Mobile Site Available for Student

Now you can access the MyOlivet Portal in a mobile device friendly way by going to  or simply by accessing MyOlivet from your mobile devices.

Mobile Version of MyOlivet will allow you to access various functions of the MyOlivet site which you are accustomed to in a more mobile friendly way. The mobile site accepts same authentication information as the full desktop site.

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