Transition from Blackboard to Canvas


The University of Olivet will transition from the current Blackboard learning platform to Canvas. This change will occur starting with Summer 2024 courses. Whether you’re online or on campus, the Canvas platform will provide you with an improved learning experience.

Download the Canvas Student app through your app store.

Apple Store - Click here

Google Play Store - Click Here


You can also reach it through Quick Links in MyOlivet or Click here

Canvas offers several enhancements over Blackboard, including a user interface designed for ease and efficiency of use, a vastly-improved mobile experience, and an integrated syllabus and calendar that helps students track pending/completed activities across courses.


Watch for further communication about the transition before the Summer semester.

Academic Calendar and Final Exam Schedule

Academic Catalogs

Academic Advising Worksheets

To access academic advising worksheets click here. Advising worksheets are organized by catalog year. Users can gain access of these documents from both on and off campus.  

For a key listing course offering timeframes used on advising sheets click here.  These codes are listed after each course on major and minor advising sheets.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Nicole Baker, Assistant Dean for Academic Records, via email or by calling (269) 749-7390.

Michigan Transfer Equivalencies

The University Of Olivet utilizes the Michigan Transfer Network to record transfer course equivalencies for Michigan Colleges and Universities.  Click Michigan Transfer Network view recorded course equivalencies.

The substitution of any additional courses you have taken at other institutions for particular courses at the university can only be approved by the Department Chair of the department in which the course is offered. No guarantee exists that a particular course taken at another institution will be permitted to substitute for a particular course at The University of Olivet.   Students who wish to have a particular course or courses considered for substitution, must complete a Course Substitution Form.  Submit the form along with the course description or syllabus of the course you wish to be considered to the department chair of the appropriate department for assessment. The name of the chair for each department can be found on the The University of Olivet website,

If you have further questions about transfer coursework, please contact Nicole Baker, Assistant Dean for Academic Records.

NEW 2022!  Student Form 1098T - Reporting Year 2022

Student seeking Form 1098T for the 2022 tax year may obtain their 1098T by going directly to ** If it is your first time accessing the site, please follow the enrollment instructions to create your login. Students may opt-in BEFORE January 31st to receive electronic delivery; otherwise, a copy will be mailed on January 31st. 1098T form will be available to those eligible students only.


Click Here - To go to directly


Click here - For enrollment (first time)


Click here - For Returning Student -


Click here - Instructions 



If you experience consistent errors or cannot complete the opt-in process, you should:

  • Close the browser and clear the Cache on their device. Restarting the device is preferred.

  • Start the OPT-IN Process again, starting at the “TO STUDENT ENROLLMENT PAGE” Link, and use a different Username than the first Username.

IRS Form 1098-T is an important tax document that assists the student/family in determining if they qualify for certain education-related tax credits.


**1098Tforms is provided by Herring Bank and powered by Financial Payments. Herring Bank is a community bank headquartered in Amarillo, Texas. The bank provides a full range of commercial and consumer banking products, as well as investment and trust services. University of Olivet utilizes services from Herring Bank for financial processing and 1098T distribution.

Payments and Payment Plans

Make easy, secure payments online using e-check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.


  • Select "Student Account and Financial Aid" from the "Student" tab
  • Select "Pay Now" from the "My Account Information" box
  • Follow the on screen directions to pay balance and enter payment information 


MyOlivet Mobile Site Available for Student

Now you can access the MyOlivet Portal in a mobile device friendly way by going to  or simply by accessing MyOlivet from your mobile devices.

Mobile Version of MyOlivet will allow you to access various functions of the MyOlivet site which you are accustomed to in a more mobile friendly way. The mobile site accepts same authentication information as the full desktop site.

Student Services Feedback

Share your experience with Student Services with us.

Campus Food Menu

Find out what's on the menu today as well as helpful information for a healthy lifestyle that starts with healthy eating !!




We would like to hear from you: Food Service Feedback



Meal Service

Updated: 1/25/2024


Kirk Center


Monday through Friday


BREAKFAST 7 am to 9:30 am

LUNCH 11:30 am to 1:45 pm


SOUP & SALAD BAR: 1: 45 pm - 3 pm


DINNER 5 pm to 7 pm



BRUNCH 11:30 am to 1 pm

DINNER 5 pm to 6 pm



BRUNCH 11:30 am to 1 pm

DINNER 5 pm to 6:30 pm




Tu Taco


Monday through Sunday 9 am to 10:45 am and 11am to 11PM








Thank you for remaining patient, kind, and courteous.



Financial Aid and Bill Payment Information

We recently mailed Fall 2024 student account bills. Many bills did not reflect financial aid. Please accept our apologies. This update explains how to accept your aid and receive an updated bill.

Please login to your student account in MyOlivet.

1.       Confirm that you have accepted your financial aid, or

2.       Accept your financial aid award – if you haven’t applied for financial aid, you must first complete the FAFSA and select our school code: 002308

Once you have accepted your financial aid award, you will see it reflected in your Fall 2024 semester bill in MyOlivet in 48 hours.

Students must either pay their bill in full or set up a payment plan by Friday, July 5, 2024. If we have not received payment arrangements by Thursday, August 1, you may be dropped from your classes.

Ways to Pay Your Bill 

  • Payment Plan– enroll and pay a $30 activation fee; below are instructions
    • Login to MyOlivet
    • Select the “Students” tab 
    • Select “Student Account and Financial Aid” on the left
    • Scroll down to “Account Balance Information” and click the red button
    • Select “Semester” and click the Payment Plan button
  • In Full
    • ​​​​​​​Online; pay by check or with a credit card – Echeck and credit card payments are accepted at Credit card payments will be assessed a 2.75% service fee.
    • ​​​​​​​In person or by mail – visit Room 205 in the Mott building (Mon – Fri, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.)

Mail payments to:
Student Services
Attn: Student Accounts
320 S. Main Street
Olivet, MI 49076

Need Help? We’re here for you!

  • Please contact Student Billing at or 269-749-7175 if you have questions about your semester bill.
  • Call or email Financial Aid at or 269-749-7721 with financial aid questions.

FAFSA is Required to Receive Financial Aid Award

Have you filed your 2024-25 FAFSA with the U.S. Department of Education? 

You must file a FAFSA to receive financial aid, including scholarships, grants, student loans and work study! Don’t lose out on money you are eligible for and need to pursue your college degree. Remember, we cannot start your financial aid process until you have completed your FASFA and the U.S. Department of Education has accepted it. If you have not completed your FASFA, please do so now! 

  • If you’ve submitted your FAFSA to the U.S. Department of Education and UOlivet has received your data, be assured the Financial Aid Team is working hard to complete your financial aid award as quickly as possible. It typically takes 3-5 business days for UOlivet to receive your FAFSA. There may also be additional requirements to complete before your award letter can be generated.

    Your award letter will be posted on the MyOlivet portal. The Financial Aid Team is actively making awards, so if you don’t see your award yet, please keep checking. Email or call 269-749-7645 to determine if additional information is required or for other assistance if you have not received your award letter.  

  • If you have started the FAFSA process but have questions or have hit a roadblock, email or call 269-749-7645 for assistance. Do not delay in asking for assistance. The sooner you submit your FAFSA, the sooner you’ll receive your financial aid package for 2024-25 and be awarded the money you are eligible to receive. 

  • If you have not started your FAFSA application, do not delay. You must file a FAFSA to receive financial aid, including scholarships, grants, student loans and work study! Click here to find out how to submit your FAFSA. Be sure to list The University of Olivet (code: 002308) on your FAFSA. 

Questions or Need Support? 

If you have any questions about your FAFSA application or financial aid package, don't hesitate to get in touch with the expert UOlivet financial aid team by emailing or calling 269-749-7645. We are here to support you! 

Health and Wellness Center

The University Of Olivet Health and Wellness Center mission is to strengthen and support our students in all areas of wellness to help students thrive. We recognize the negative impact on health and wellness created by racism and discrimination in any form. We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do.


The Health and Wellness Center, located in Mott Academic Center room 212, is the wellness warehouse for three service areas designed to help maintain a healthy lifestyle: counseling and psychological services, health services and wellness services.





There are times when everyone needs a little support. Sometimes a student needs assistance in developing an action plan to resolve an issue, discuss a concern, process a transition, or learn a skill or technique to reduce stress. There are other instances where the struggle may go a little deeper.  With any of these circumstances, a free confidential intake assessment completed by a licensed professional counselor is available to students. Through this confidential intake assessment, the student and clinician will develop a support plan together.  


At the completion of the assessment, any necessary referrals to the appropriate resource will occur. University Of Olivet students may be eligible for up to 5 free counseling sessions at the Health and Wellness Center, depending on the need and treatment plan determined at the intake assessment. Service referrals off-campus are also available for students needing ongoing treatment or support.


Group counseling services are also available for various topics through out the week. Information pertaining to these groups is available through the email Information about the groups are posted throughout the college campus, including the bulletin board area outside the Health and Wellness Center.


To request and/or schedule an assessment please email Students will receive a reply within 24 hours to this email to set up the initial appointment.


If you are experiencing a mental health emergency or need immediate support, please contact the 24-hour crisis services hotline through Clinton-Eaton-Ingham Community Mental Health at 517-346-8318 or you can text the National Crisis text line at 741741 and text the word “Hello”.




The University Of Olivet and Sparrow Health System have partnered together to provide virtual health services through MySparrow to students, faculty, and staff. MySparrow services include a symptom checker to determine if COVID testing is needed; access to on-demand video visits with an urgent care provider from your smartphone, tablet, or computer for non-emergencies. Access to test results provided thru MySparrow are also available through the virtual health service site. Virtual health visits are available Monday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.


The Health and Wellness Center can assist students in scheduling their appointments if a student would like assistance. There is also a telemedicine station available at the Health and Wellness Center to facilitate privacy and confidentiality for medical appointments if students chose to come to the Wellness Center for their appointment. Prior to a video visit, please have information regarding your insurance plan available to ensure your insurance provider participates with Sparrow or call 517-364-7999 to speak to a billing representative.

To schedule an appointment independently with a Sparrow medical provider, visit and create an account. For help or questions regarding this process please contact 269-749-7745 and the Health and Wellness Center will be happy to provide aid. 


If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or contact one of the following locations:


Sparrow Eaton Hospital

321 Harris St. Charlotte



Oaklawn Medical Group

202 N. Main St. Olivet




Each semester the Health and Wellness Center offers presentations and workshops on various wellness topics within eight dimensions of wellness. New programs are offered during the year in response to student and faculty requests or needs. These services are provided to support students in their personal and academic success. The Wellness Center partners with other departments and areas within the university, as wellness, is an individual pursuit supported at the university thru a comprehensive and collaborative approach.


On ongoing service thru the Health and Wellness Center is The Mind Spa. This is a private, safe space for relaxation and wellness at no charge to students, faculty, and staff. The Mind Spa is located within the Health and Wellness Center and provides many tools and resources to practice mindfulness, manage stress, and recharge.


These resources and more are available in the Mind Spa room:

  •  Light therapy box
  •  Meditation pillow and mat
  •  Affirmation cards
  •  Aromatherapy
  •  Coloring books and markers
  •  Zen garden
  •  Weighted blanket
  •  Nature sound machine
  •  Mindfulness meditation videos


The Mind Spa is open Monday – Friday from 9:00 am- 4:00 pm. To schedule a 20-minute time slot, email Walk-ins are welcome, but please note this room is also used for counseling sessions so scheduling a session is best practice.



Please note: Students’ health insurance will be billed when seen by a medical professional. Depending on the therapeutic need and referral, some of mental health providers will also bill insurance. Most forms of insurance are accepted. Students are responsible for all expenses related to treatment, including co-pays and tests. All costs accrued due to medical and/or safety reasons are the student's responsibility. Students may choose to see their own primary care physician or counselor.  These visits can also be facilitated at one of the telemedicine stations within the Health and Wellness Center for privacy and confidentiality. Students are responsible for following their doctor’s instructions.


The University Of Olivet and its employees are not responsible for administering, storing, managing, or providing any medication.


NOTE: All student-athletes must have proof of medical insurance and a physical examination prior to being allowed to practice or compete within the intercollegiate athletic program. Please contact the Athletic Department for more details.

More information can be found by visiting the Health and Wellness Center, Mott Academic Center, Room 212, and/or thru accessing the University of Olivet Mobile app.




Oaklawn Medical Group

(downtown Olivet)

202 N. Main St., Olivet



Olivet Pharmacy

116 N. Main St., Olivet



Main Street Dental

123 S. Main St., Olivet



Health Simplified

(Naturopathic Products)

106 Washington St., Olivet




HomeTown Pharmacy

117 S. Main St., Bellevue



Teresa A. Koch, DDS

120 N. Main St., Bellevue




Oaklawn Hospital

200 N. Madison, Marshall



Van Der Meulen Douglas, DDS

207 Winston Dr., Marshall





Sparrow Eaton Hospital

321 Harris St., Charlotte



Sparrow Eaton Hospital

Urgent Care

616 Meijer St., Charlotte



CVS Pharmacy

301 S. Cochran Ave., Charlotte



Great Lakes Family Dental Group

917 W. Lawrence Ave., Charlotte



Davis Chiropractic Center

432 N. Cochran Ave.

Charlotte MI 48813



Meijer Pharmacy

1167 E. Clinton Trail

Charlotte MI 48813